Three Top Style Tips From Rachel Zoe.


This was not the first time I've interviewed Rachel Zoe.

We've talked fashion on more than a few occasions but every time we meet I like her more.

Motherhood has smoothed out the high-fashion edges and brought all the glamour and style wisdom to the surface.

Rachel is a genuinely warm and funny woman with a work ethic that most people couldn't keep up with.

Designer, stylist, author, TV star, mother - this is lady with many, many hats.

Literally and figuratively.

My favourite take-out from this chat was her top three tips for developing your personal style. It's really easy, everyday advice that will make an immediate change to how you look in the mirror.


1.  Find A Muse: Take inspiration from icons of the past or present, find it in a friend, your mother, your grandmother but identify with someone else's style and learn from them. Copy it if necessary. That emulation will eventually turn into your own.

2. Baby Steps: Style doesn't have to happen overnight. Find your way one little step at a time. If you're not a jewellery person then start out small. Wear something simple until you get the courage to try something more bold. A coloured shoe is the gateway to a coloured kaftan.

3. Take Five Minutes:Before you leave the house take five minutes to edit your outfit. What does it need to take it to the next level? Put the effort in to make it better. A bangle, a red lip - every look can be improved.

Genius. Simple. Love her.


StylePaula Joye