With....Natalie Imbruglia.

Natalie Imbruglia will forever be the beautiful girl with incredible eyes who sang one of the greatest love anthems in the history of great love anthems.

Almost two decades on from Torn, she's on the brink of a whole new chapter with the imminent release of new music and a skincare line. In Australia to launch the new collection for Kailis Australian Pearls, she talked openly and warmly about everything from break-up songs and Beyonce to tattoos and making mistakes.

Prepare to fall in love with her all over again.

I did.

Natalie On...


Life in London.
I've lived there for the past seventeen years. I did two years in LA recently while studying acting but honestly, I'm much happier in the UK. Would I leave? I guess I'd leave for love but otherwise it's my home.

The legacy of 'Torn'
It's amazing to be part of something that affected so many people in a positive way. Just last night, a woman told me how the song got her through a really troubled time in her life. That's why I love music. We all have an album or song that no matter how old we are, or how much we've moved on will transport us back to that place or that person.

For me it's Tori AmosandJoni Mitchell. I'm 18, I'm in Melbourne...they helped me grow up. But these days, my tearjerker tracks belong to Daughterand Damien Rice.

Lessons From Love.
I seem to always go for the wrong-uns - I love a Bad Guy. I seem to start relationships at an eleven out of ten which is too intense and all consuming.  Someone explained to me that  you need to start lower on the scale - about an 8 mark. That's something you can build a life around. It gives things room to grow.

Marriage & Mistakes.
The break-down of my marriage showed me that you cannot control the outcome of things. We no longer speak but I have no regrets and it was a very happy time of my life. I've learned that it's ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them.

Making music again.
I have an album coming out next March. It's a covers album featuring songs from male artists. It's mellow, possibly not what people would expect from me but when have I ever done anything people expect? It's where I'm at right now in my life. Calmer, more considered..I'm not a doof-doof person.

But does she dance?
I absolutely love to dance but I don't go to clubs anymore...so it's around the coffee table to Rihanna or Beyonce.


The Exercise Thing.
I'm an exerciser. You have to be in this business - it's part of the job. I'm training with James Duigan(he's responsible for the bodies of Elle McPherson & Jessica Gomes). I do three to four workouts a week with his trainers. I run several times a week as well.  It's 40 minutes from my door and around the pond in Kensington Gardenswhich does the job. And then I add in some yoga.

The Food Thing.
I love food. You just saw me inhale a very big croissant. I just compensate the amount I'm eating with the amount I'm exercising. There are times when my diet is super clean but for the most part, I just try to keep moving. Particularly when I travel. I would much rather be disciplined with exercise than not go to restaurants and live life fully.

That Skin.
I actually have quite oily skin - Italian! - which is good for ageing but I also suffer from bad acne. No one believes me but it does happen and when it strikes there's nothing I can do but put myself in the hands of a facialist and wait it out. So I'm very picky about what I use on my skin.

Her new baby, Iluka Skincare.
Ilukahas been two years in the development and there are ten products in the range. It's influenced by the sea and fabulous Australian smells like eucalyptus and lemon myrtle. I'm a control freak and have been very hands on in the development. I wanted it to look and smell beautiful but be affordable for everyone. You know, I've  struggled my whole life finding a sun screen that worked on my tricky skin but I never imagined I'd have the opportunity to create one for myself. It's been a dream.


Daily Face.
Everyday I wear the same three products: Laura Mercier Tinted MoisturiserLaura Mercier Secret Concealer and a literally a tiny slick of Clinique Naturally Glossy Mascarawhich colours my lashes without adding volume or clump.

Daily Fashion
Jeans, t-shirt and a Helmut Lang blazer. Live in them.

Making Pearls Cool.
When Kailisapproached me to be an ambassador, I had a conservative view on how to wear pearls from all the iconic pictures of  Audrey HepburnMariyln Monroeand Jackie O. I love how modern Kailis makes them. The designs are cool and it's made me rethink the whole pearl thing. I want women to enjoy wearing them casually. I stack the rings, I wear strands with jeans - it's lovely wearing something so special in an irreverent way.

Her Ink.
If I was a boy I would be covered in tattoos but here's the meaning of three special ones.
Black Tip Feather: it's my self appointed good luck symbol. I believe if you appoint yourself a symbol of luck it will appear when you least expect it and often.
Four Leaf Clover: My Mum collected them for me as a child and pressed them in books to keep.
11.11: When my sister was unwell, she stayed with me in London and I noticed this time on the clock everyday. When she got better we got matching tattoos.

Life's Bumper Sticker
Be true to yourself - what do you want for you?

The Five Year Question.
I want children. I would love to be a Mum. I wouldn't consider doing it on my own right at the moment but I would absolutely consider it down the track. I wouldn't let anything stand in the way of me having that experience. Or any experience in life.



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