Oscars 2019: Best & Worst Dressed


You gotta hand it to Ga Ga.

She plays the red carpet like a piano.

Note for note, her award season has been building to this Alexander McQueen moment.

All traditional Marilyn Monroe above the waist with a vintage pop star party going on down below.

And somehow she managed to find Rose’s diamond from Titanic (last seen on Britney in Oops I Did It Again)

She is welcome addition to the Oscars and the fact that we have Bradley Cooper to thank (therefore think of Bradley Cooper) makes it all the better.

Razzle Dazzle Them.

Is this the Oscars or the Moulin Rouge?

The carpet went a little Odette and Odile this year with tulle, ruffles and leg kicking trains being the vibe of choice for countless stars.

Maria, Kacey and Hilary I’m not sure if you can, can, can…?

This Is What A (Come)Back Looks Like.


You may think that all I have in me is a platinum blonde, smokey eyed, Harry Winston topped mermaid gown.

Well…I’m going to raise you a brown bob, red lip, backless pastel sheath.

When your Charlize Theron you can be this direct.

Okey Dokey.


It’s not everyday you get to wake up and say: You know what?! I’m gonna go with a holographic, more purple than pink shot lame fabric for the Oscars this year.

And yet, Awkwafina and Emila Clarke did exactly that.

So Perfect It Burns Your Eyes.


I could not take my eyes off Gemma Chan in Crazy Rich Asians.

And I cannot stop looking at her in this breathtaking Valentino moment.

She has succeeded where so many others have failed (#toiletdoliy)

No adjectives. No Need. She wins.

Pants, Pants Baby.

There is a line of fashion thought that deems pants wrong for an occasion such as the Oscars.

I have rung that bell once or twice.

But these women - Elsie Fisher, Melissa McCarthy & Amy Poehler- in these pants look formidable.

And in the Oscars on the right side of #MeToo movement - never have they been more fitting.

WTF Happened Here?


Thank goodness for the lovely hair and make-up because this dress is a flat-out disgrace.

Until today, I thought Rachel Weiss was capable of making anything look incredible but have been proven incorrect by a rubber crop top thrown over a tomato red, over embellished pumpkin pleated gown.

Them’s the breaks.

Others Wore Pink Too...

We will never know Maya Rudolph was punking us with this gown? Or maybe Gucci was?

And Sarah Poulson who is usually able to do fashion at its edgiest somehow made Gemma Chan’s dress look more perfect with this gown.

And beautiful Meagan Good got stuck in a culd-e-sac on the corner of lingerie and grecian.

These Two.


What is not to swoon over here?

He is like a human triangle and she’s cooler than an iceberg.

The Lisa Bonet and Jason Moma love story is only made better by their wardrobe.

Custom Karl Lagerfeld from his final couture collection for Fendi.

Never was there a more fitting vale.

Exterminate. Exterminate.

Am I the only one getting Dalek vibes here?

Here are one, two, three examples of intergalactic gowns and how they can be very right and equally wrong.

Shall we play? Ok.

Emma wins, Molly scraps through but…my Queen Jennifer has been turned into a mirrored moc-croc suitcase.

Curves For Days.

Nothing like an hourglass silhouette is there?

Exquisitely done by Jennifer Hudson, Angela Basset and Ashley Graham.