Hair How-To: The Messy Ponytail.

ponytail main.jpg

The opposite of the Gwyneth's Oscar slick ponytail is the messy high ponytail.

Mad about them. Sexy, cool, swishy with buckets of swag.

In this video tutorial, <a href="" target="_blank">David Keogh,</a> celebrity stylist and ambassador for <a href="" target="_blank">John Frieda Australia</a> shows us how to create the look using just an elastic and his fingers.

It's one, two, three…DONE.

David looks after the locks of <strong>Miranda Kerr,</strong> <strong>Alyssa Milano and Kristin Davis </strong>and is one of my favourite hair stylists because he makes women look natural and beautiful. No tortured do's.

Watch carefully as he creates the ponytail by tipping my head backward not forward (genius) and then turns it all into a messy top knot for those day when the ends are a little bit too fried for the swish.

This is two second hair - learn it and don't look back.