Hidden Gems.

I love discovering a new brand.

Even more so when that brand is made in Australia and run by women.

Meet My World - a fine jewellery brand that specialises in delicate bespoke pieces personalised by your birthstone.

My World was born from the founders desire to find a special piece of personalised jewellery that wasn’t about initials or names. This led to a range of delicate precious and semi precious creations that use your birth month to tell your story.

I was given an Eternity Cuff for my birthday - gold withe emeralds - and have never had more compliments on a piece of jewellery.

Or wanted to collect something more.

And (this is the bit I love most): the message from the giver is hidden in the meaning of your birthstone.

It’s literally the answer to all the gifts for all the women in your life.

For my Mum, a bespoke pendant with the birthstone of each of her kids and her grandchildren.

For my sisters, the My Everything Necklace with strong the stones of the special people in you life ona super fine gold chain - like they ‘re floating around your neck.

For my BFF, the Stackable Rings For each of her kids (one a year).

For me, more more more of the Eternity Cuff because it’s so personalised but so discreet.