Paris Must-Do's.


Last month, I visited Paris for the launch of Huawei P30 Series ( the P30 and P30 Pro smart phones with a camera like I’ve never experienced).

I spent a frantic few days in the city visiting old favourites - including a visit to Notre Dam before the fire for which I will be forever grateful.

I was given a Huawei P30 Pro to road-test while in Paris and the “P” must stand for photography because the camera in this handset has set a new bench mark (take a look at the art I printed from my shots HERE)

Words don’t do the super powers of this camera justice - the detail that it captures is truly astounding.

There is no definitive guide to Paris - every trip I add something new - so here is my current list of musts when in the city of lights.


Captured with  Huawei P30 Pro

Captured with Huawei P30 Pro

I took this picture ten days before the fire.

Notre-Dame is the true heart of Paris ( Île de la Cité). It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve visited or how many candles I lit there - she remains my favourite church in any city anywhere.

The loss of history at this level is incomprehensible and we must continue to visit Notre Dame as they rebuild it

Blow Dry At David Mallet.

David Mallet is the most celebrated hair stylist in Paris - he also happens to be Australian. With two salons (one is in the Hotel Ritz) and a client list which includes everyone from Charlotte Gainsbourg to Gwyneth Paltrow, David pioneered the 'lived in look' that French women own and the rest of the world want.

The salons themselves are a treat, filled with antiques and if you’re lucky David’s bull terriers. This is the Paris splurge you want to make. Book waaayy ahead to avoid disappointment.

River Cruise At Night.

This is something I had never done and never would of thought to do unless it had been organised for me.

Paris from the water at night offers a very different perspective of the city - the scale, the lights and the romance.

I would take the most lo-fi cruise available. This is not about food and drink - it’s about breathing in the city from its very heart beat.

Check out the video I shot with the beautiful Kate Waterhouse while out at night on the Siene.

Breakfast At Le Lobby.

There are few hotels in Paris as breathtaking as The Peninsula. I could not recommend breakfast there more highly. If weather permits, request a table outside at Le Lobby the main breakfast parlour. Sit back, watch the locals and inhale the perfectly pressed pink and grey linen tablecloths topped with shiny silver flatware. Order the house-baked croissants, a fresh pamplemousse juice and compote of fresh red berries. It doesn’t get much better or more Right Bank than this.

Martinis At Hotel Ritz.

Captured with  Huawei P30 Pro

Captured with Huawei P30 Pro

Two things: 1) Bar Hemingway is a piece of history - Fitzgerlad, Hemingway, Copper, Porter - that no one should miss. 2) The drinks that they serve at the eponymous bar at the back of the Hotel Ritz Paris no one should miss.

That’s all you need to know. Dress up and put it on.

Restaurants To Try.

Three Musee Musts.

Captured with  Huawei P30 Pro

Captured with Huawei P30 Pro

There is no BEST museum or gallery in Paris. They are all bucket-list destinations. When people ask me to pick a museum in Paris: it’s Musee d’Orsay, Decorative Arts Museum at The Louvre and Musee De l’Orangerie

Over the years I have slowly made my way through most but these are the ones that keep draw me back every time. None of them are high commitment. You can spend an hour or a day. That’s there beauty.

Facial At Ambassade Biologique Recherche


Look no further than this historic skincare clinic - housed in a former presidential residence - for the quintessential French facial. Biologique Recherche is the brian child of Dr. Philippe Allouche and is a medicinally minded brand that is a favourite of French women. Which is the only reason you need because who doesn’t want skin like that? You can read about my experience here.

Sugar Crepes.


Walk. Eat crepe. Walk. Eat another crepe. Repeat.

These actions cancel each other out.

My favourite thing to do when 3pm fatigue sets in is: crepe, espresso, sunshine.

Wander Le Jardin du Luxembourg.

To say I know this park intimately is an understatement. My sister used to live across the road so there isn’t much I haven’t done in this park. Sun, rain or snow the view of the French Senate is one of my favourites in Paris. There is a magic to this park and a spectacular place to take photos all year round. There is an Angelina at the bottom of the gardens and a chocolat chaud at the end of the day is pretty unbeatable.

Parent tip: with kids under 4, head to the protected kids area called Le Jardin Roserie. With sandpits, grassy areas for picnics and splash pools for toddlers in summer, it’s a whole world of fun for little ones.

I flew to Paris as a guest of Huawei. This is not a sponsored post.

All editorial ideas an opinions are my own.