Trend: American Sport.


Few films have shaped my fashion aesthetic quite like American Gigolo.

Lauren Hutton's soft layers, neutral palette, woven clutches (early Bottega Veneta and Armani) and super fine jewellery are my definition of effortless, sexy dressing.

Her look typified the American Sport genre and has become a modern classic.

It is the gold standard for polished.

Creating a capsule wardrobe around this look is pretty easy. The foundation colours are: navy, white, pale blue, red, gold and tan.

The pieces: blue jeans, blazers, soft shirts, classic cult accessories (belt, bag, shoes) and good hair.

. The magic to this look is that it feels expensive.

You'll be amazed at just how many looks you can create with these pieces and then you can accessorise to the period with a coloured clutch, tan shoulder bag and Ray-Bans.


StylePaula Joye