Whiter Teeth In Two Weeks?

A collaboration with Listerine Bright White.


When it comes to teeth discolouration, coffee, tea and red wine are three of the biggest offenders .

I drink all three.

Sometimes daily…which means keeping my teeth bright and white is a full time job.

I’ve tried all the whitening toothpastes (some work, some don’t), charcoal pastes and even those at-home bleaching trays which left my teeth far too sensitive to anything cold or hot.

Then a beauty editor friend told me about a mouthwash that whitens teeth more effectively than just brushing.

It’s also far less abrasive and works on your oral health at the same time.

Enter Listerine Bright White: a mouthwash which helps lift stubborn stains from your teeth and form a protective shield against new stains forming. A unique whitening formulation which contains lemon and salt means that you’ll notice results in just two weeks.

Honestly, they had at me lemon and salt.


GooD to KNow…

Listerine Bright White helps to eliminate bacteria that brushing leaves behind in your mouth. Including those on the tongue, mouth walls, gum lines and spaces in between teeth that are hard to reach with just a toothbrush.

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Mouthwash was a new habit I need to form. A twice a day swish then spit after two minutes of teeth brushing.

I very quickly have become addicted to a super clean feeling that brushing has never given me.

Much of this is down to the taste. I have never liked the heavy, minty taste that dominate most mouthwash formulas.

Listerine Bright White is very different and tastes like a potent combination of lemon and salt. Here, (finally) is a mouthwash I actually enjoyed using. Of course there is some adjustment to routine, sensation and taste but by the end of the first week I was looking forward to the ritual.

Dentists agree that brushing alone will not kill all the bacteria in your mouth. In fact it only reaches only 25 per cent of germs leaving millions behind. That’s where mouthwash plays such an important role.

It felt like Listerine Bright White was attacking, eliminating and working on my all over oral care.

After two weeks of twice daily swishing my teeth most definitely look whiter and I don’t know how it’s possible but they are also shinier.

Like Taylor Swift teeth. Gleaming.

I’m hooked. This is a thing I’m going to continue.