Life Lessons From Carrie Bradshaw.


Lately I’ve found myself influenced by Carrie Bradshaw all over again.

Her alter-ego Sarah Jessica Parker turned 50 last month and this milestone drew me back to the heroine that shaped much of my 20’s and 30’s.

Sex and the City was a defining moment in television and I’ve watched every episode.

Multiple times.

I never, ever tire of it. Or of them.

Those characters and that city were a magical combination and Carrie was their anchor.

Or at least she was for me.

Beyond Manolo’s, flower brooches and Mac Books, here are the Top Six lessons that Carrie Bradshaw taught me about life.

1.Wear A Black Bra Under Everything.


Carrie always wore a black bra.

Under everything. Even in bed.

I love the hint of a chic black bra strap. It’s sexy without being obvious.

The key is treating your bra purchase like you would an accessory.

You want fine straps in satin or lace and perhaps a touch of cool hardware.

Try it…you shall be hooked.

2. Life Is A Question.


The hook of every episode was Carrie typing the missive: I couldn’t help but wonder

And really, that is life.

In a cliche. Who can’t help but wonder?

Hindsight, perspective, call it what you want but at the end of the road, everything we do is a question, a decision, a ponder, an opportunity taken, an opportunity’s all a slogan waiting to be printed.

Carrie knew this and she kept a stocktake.

During the shows run, I started keeping journals that I filled with musings ‘a la Bradshaw.

What started as a writing tool turned into a grown-up diary and an emotional auditor.

Life is a bumper sticker and I’m a big believer in whacking them on your fridge

3. Cosmopolitans Are Fabulous.


The classic Cosmopolitan cocktail was almost the sixth lady on the show (New York was the fifth).

Everywhere Carrie went, a Cosmopolitan went too.

Show me a women who hasn’t ordered a Cosmopolitan in a bar because of this series.

Seriously, find me one.

I do enjoy the original blend but my all-time favourite cocktail (only equalled by a margarita) is a Dirty Cosmo.

The rock n’ roll cousin of the classic.

The recipe switches out vodka for tequila and once you’ve tried it this way…well, you’ll understand.

4. Dressing Up Is Always Right.


I am THE CHOIR on this one.

I’ve never met a woman who regretted over-dressing but plenty who wished they’d tried harder.

Or used their good things.

So, for the love of Carrie’s crazy-ass wardrobe: use, wear and enjoy your beautiful things.

Dress for adventure, the job you want, the place you dream of visiting.

Clothes can transform. Clothes are an escape.

You don’t need an excuse.

Harness their powers.

5. Love Should Be Big.

There will be many that don’t agree with me on this point but I’m one hundred percent with Carrie on the whole grand, big, swoony love thing.

I believe in love that looks like this.


Feels like this.

Carrie said“When it comes to relationships, maybe we’re all in glass houses, and shouldn’t throw stones. Because you can never really know. Some people are settling down, some are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies…”

You must strive for butterflies.

They are completely worth it.

6. Put A Name On It.

Like you don’t want one.