The David Mallett Paris Experience.

David and I at the Rue Notre Dame des de Victories salon.

David and I at the Rue Notre Dame des de Victories salon.

There are many things you must do in Paris and getting a haircut at David Mallet’s eponymous salon is one of them.

Two floors above Rue Notre Dame des de Victories in the heart of the Right Bank, the salon mixes classic Haussmann proportions with the elegant lines of a modern salon.

Three hundred year old antique chairs sit underneath seven foot windows, photography books are stacked next to an enormous marble fireplace, the rooms elegantly ramble, the garden terrace beckons - it feels like a luxe bohemian apartment rented by The Rolling Stones during the summer of 1968.

Just with better taste.

david mallett paris hair stylist

David is one of the most respected hair stylists in the world.

With a client roster that includes presidents, princesses and Hollywood stars with hair you actually want (Natalie Portman, Gwyneth, Scarlett) . It’s his Australian tenaciousness combined with an innate Parisian aesthetic that has taken this boy from Perth to a second salon at The Ritz Paris and the newly opened David Mallet, New York.

“I always thought I would return to Australia eventually” he muses. “I never intended Paris would become my home. I thought once I had seen all the art, all the museums I would be done…but Paris is a very hard place to leave”.

I’ve known David since I was a 19 year old fashion assistant. He was the first person to cut my hair short and any opportunity to get those magic hands near my locks, I grab.

In Paris last month, he gave me the most perfect long bob (above) which typifies his unique ability to create that coveted French look. “Parisian woman spend a lot of time looking like they have spent no time"“ David explains. “Good hair is the foundation of the typical French under-worked style. If your hair is well cut and hydrated with volume - it will sit and move as it should”.

The David Mallett empire extends beyond salons to include a product line that once tried will ruin you for life - it’s just THAT good.

“It all started with a serum because I couldn’t find one anywhere on the market. So I made it. Then I guess, it jut made sense to keep going” he explains. And by ‘keep going’, David means a comprehensive line of haircare that has quickly elevated to global cult status. “I make everything here in Paris, use organic where I can and it makes sense. The range is about good looking results and hair health. You can have both”.

It’s a Paris experience you will never forget.

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My Favourite Products


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YOU WANT HYDRATION AND SHINE: This moisture mist is infused with organic Cucumber and Hyaluronic Acid to calm and plump your hair. It smells like grass in the morning after rain and helps to restore the scalps pH balance. Perfect for aircrafts and on your desk at work.

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