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Best Rose Skincare Buys.

Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil, $50 Jen Aitken is the celebrity hairdresser behind the Ouai. Most famously the Kardashians. All of them. There are a few true heroes in her excellent…



Sheet Mask Magic.

K Beauty (Korean Beauty) has totally changed the skincare landscape. Our obsession with the mythical multi-step routine has seen essences, BB Creams and sheet masks become part of western beauty vernacular. The key…


Is Good Skin Genetic?

Do genetics determine how your skin will age? I thought so. Look at your mother and you’ll see your future. Right? Turns out that good skin is not as simple as good…


Skin Like A French Woman.

I covet the effortless, undone beauty of French women. There is something so glorious about their underworked style that is forever chic. Skin maintenance starts very young in France. Beauty routines and…


Working Out The Watch.

Whether it’s for specific data capture like tracking pregnancy and sleep management or for staying connected in a more modern way – smart wearables are becoming a purchase that will…



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