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Three Minute Supermarket Smash

This is a lunch that I make most Fridays. When my Woolworths shop has run down for the week and I’m waiting to re-stock. In our house we buy (and eat) a…



Coconut Lemon Cake

Why I have not been baking? Whenever I stop for a length of time I get this sudden jolt of loss like a slap in the face which sends me back…


A Table Shared.

There’s something magical about breaking bread, sharing a meal and drinking wine isn’t there? This is how the best stories are unearthed, friendships are founded, love affairs started…there’s an intimacy created when…


Make Perfect Pavlova.

I make a pretty mean pavlova. It’s only after making literally hundreds of them that I’ve become confident to write that sentence. Over time and trial, I’ve managed to crack the meriugne code for…


Make Perfect Pavlova.

Orange & Chia Seed Cake.

Where sweet meets savoury. The perfect mix of citrus orange and fragrant rosemary via baking goddess Donna Hay. Enjoy! Orange & Chia Seed Cake With Sugared Rosemary. Ingredients. 250g unsalted butter, softened 1 cup (220g) caster…


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