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December 15th, 2017

Dessert Hacks For Christmas Day.

When it comes to Christmas Day desserts I go large.

An entire table of different cakes, puddings, treats that I have baked.

Partly because I love the vibe of such abundance but mainly because it’s practical.

One cake is not going to feed a family of my size.

This year, we will be cooking for 26 people. So it’s impossible to make every single thing from scratch.

It would also be insanity.

Here are three ready-to-perfect desserts hack ideas which I pimped with fresh fruit, flowers or pretty platters.

All hacks. All sourced at Woolworths and all really inexpensive.

Christmas Day should be about family, love and sharing food not killing yourself in the kitchen.

I’m yet to completely get the balance right, but this year I am going to try.

Hope these inspire and help you to do the same.


Pimp My Pavlova.


I can be a pavlova snob.

I know how to make them. Well.

However friends who can do the same talk about this Woolworths Pavlova Base as though it is a unicorn.

It’s one of the highest selling items at the supermarket. All year round.

With so many guests I thought this was my year to try the unicorn out.

I whipped 600ml of thickened cream, topped it with two punnets of raspberries and added some fresh mint leaves from the garden.

I roughed the edges with the back of a spoon to give it a more homemade vibe.

Took all of three minutes and looks fabulous.

Family taste test confirmed that this is a winner.

I didn’t tell them I didn’t make it…

CLICK TO BUY: Woolworths Pavlova Base, $6; Woolworths Thickened Cream, $2.60;  Driscols Fresh Raspberries, $4.60 (subject to change)

Strawberry Santas.

I dont even know which part of my brain this idea came from? 

Probably the Pinterest part.

These are the easiest, cutest (and healthy) edition to any dessert table.

Kids are going to go nuts and what is better than fresh strawberry, chocolate  and fresh cream?

DIY Dessert Board.

What could be simpler than this? Or more fun.

This is basically taking a cheese board and flipping it into Sugar Town.

Every single thing on this platter came from a packet – I made nothing.

Am totally sold on this concept – it’s a great centrepiece on any Christmas table.

Make sure you dust the mince pies with icing sugar and add a fresh raspberry for “Of course I made them” feels.

CLICK TO BUY: Woolworths Fruit Mince Pies, $3.50;  Woolworths English Toffee Flavoured Fudge, $3.00;; Woolworths Iced Fruit Cake;  Wins Glace Cherries, $4.00;

Woolworths Rum Balls, $4.00; Corinnthian Chocolate Wafer Biscuits; Christmas Candy Canes, $1 (for 10)



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