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October 18th, 2012

Cool Pools.

In 1996 I interviewed actor Eric Bana (he was Bachelor of the Year, I was working at CLEO) and he talked at length about his obsession with swimming pools. Obsessed is the wrong word – he had studied them, pools were a full time hobby, he knew everything there was to know about them – historically, architecturally – his scope of knowledge was quite extraordinary.

He gave me a list of books I should buy for my coffee table.

His enthusiasm sparked the collector in me and over the years I’ve amassed a number of books on aquatic loveliness. They’re total escapism and watch what happens when you have visitors – it’s the first book they pick up to flick through.

Great presents for yourself and others. Dive in.

Hot Buys.

CLICK TO BUY: (L-R) The Springboard in the Pond: An Intimate History of the Swimming Pool, $30Backyard Oasis: The Swimming Pool in Southern California Photography, $60.

CLICK TO BUY: (L-R) Upon The Roof, $50Poolside With Slim Aarons by Slim Aarons, $85Reflections On The Pool: California Designs for Swimming, $42.75.

CLICK TO BUY: (L-R) Infinity Pools, $39.95Pools: Reflections, $100.


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