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July 4th, 2017

DIY Fast Art.

I’ve just finished renovating a beach house for rental.

When it came to the art, I wanted inexpensive pieces that told a story of the beach on which the house sits.

I had one wall that needed a matching pair and decided to give this super inexpensive project idea a go.

I turned a photograph into a painting and am totally thrilled with the results.

Both pieces – including frames and printing – cost under $40 each to make.

Here’s how to DIY.

DIY Art Step One.

Take lots of photos of the landscape or subject that you want to immortalise.

At different times of the day.

For me that was at the beach.

I focused on images that I could imagine as a painting. That is the key with a project like this: you’re not a photographer so don’t try to be AquaBumps. You’re not a painter so don’t try and be Monet.

Instead take cues from Mother Nature and seek out colour, composition and texture.

BTW: I shoot everything on my iPhone (7 PLUS) these days.The detail and clarity in the camera is better than any SLR camera I own.

And fits in my pocket.

DIY Art Step Two.


Measure the total frame size you need then work backwards from that dimension to find the best frame fit.

You want a frame with an inbuilt mount so that you’re not paying extra.

I found these frame at KMART (for $20 each) and removed the small box mount which gave me a 70 x 50 cm print space for my art work.

DIY Art Step Three.

Of course there is an app for this project.

In fact there are lots of them.

My favourite is Brushstroke – $2.99 – which will convert your image to a painting right from you phone.

I actually edited my picture in Photoshop using the oil paint filter. If you own this software then use this instead of the app because it will let you manually scale and saturate which puts you more in control of the final finish.

This tutorial from Adobe which will walk you through it step-by step.

DIY Art Step Four.

I took my edited filed – PDF or JPEG – to my OfficeWorks and had it printed on matt paper.

Make sure you measure the internal section meticulously and get the staff to double check them.

The prints cost me $20 each.

Then it’s as easy as slipping it in the frames and hanging them on the wall.

And for $40 each if you don’t mind. Woot! Woot!

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