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March 23rd, 2013

Lessons In Style (Elizabeth Taylor).

She was one of the most beautiful women in the word. The antithesis of a Hollywood blonde – all raven hair, lavender eyes and tanned skin.

Taylor was mysterious, talented, interesting, tortured – and responsible for some of beauty and fashion’s most iconic and enduring looks.

Today is the second anniversary of her death – long may she be remembered.

Kohl For A Queen.

One of her most famous roles was as Cleopatra. The beauty looks from the film have become benchmark and took black eyeliner to a whole other level. Wearing serious black liner can be tricky but it’s also the the fastest way to amp up your look (exhibit Kardashians). In recent years, the black liner look has become a bit grungy but look at it on Liz – clean, sophisticated, regal.

If you haven’t dabbled with this style of kohl it’s time to add it to your make-up repertoire. Try it the next time you go out. Keep it precise, lining the inner and outer rims. Then extend a little liquid line out into a subtle wing.

Practice makes perfect with eyeliner; the more you wear it the easier it becomes. One to try: Benefit Magic Ink Jet-Black Liquid Eyeliner, $38.

The Little White Dress.

The white dress (and white slip) that Taylor wore in the movie “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” with Paul Newman remains one of fashion’s most copied moments.

Taylor was famous for wearing white off-camera and she always managed to make it look modern and fresh – never cheap. The lesson is that simple and sexy doesn’t always need to be black. Do you have the perfect white dress in your wardrobe? Might be time to add one.

Eyebrows Are Everything.

Long, full and perfectly arched – she had the best brows in the business. Taylor’s eyes are the ultimate reminder to book a brow shaping appointment (I did this morning). She always filled in and extended her brows using an old Hollywood studio trick – one that you can use everyday in your own bathroom.

The Trick: Use a pencil to lightly extend the end of your brow out towards your temple. Just a little. One centimetre. Maybe two. Next, go over the pencil line with a little bit of brow powder. This will smooth out any hard edges and set it in place. At night time, when the lighting is right, you can try extending them even further.

Longer, sexier, Liz-ier brows.

Signature Hair.

Most of us change our hair cut and colour like we change our nail polish. Often. And on a whim.

Taylor never did. She wore subtle variations of a black, chin to mid-length bob for most of her life. Sometimes slightly dishevelled, sometimes perfectly set – it changed through the decades enough to look current but never enough so that it didn’t look like Liz.

We talk about having a signature style but increasingly I realise that the most stylish women – the true icons – have a signature hairstyle too. The message is to be confident in what suits you best and then own your look.

It’s not boring – it’s eternal.

Don’t Forget To Be Feminine.

In an Alpha world it’s easy to forget that one of the great things about being a woman is actually just being a woman. When it comes to style, much of Taylor’s appeal was in her femininity and special, juxtaposed persona – she was strong and fragile at the same time.

She famously said “When a woman stops blushing, she has lost the most powerful weapon of her charm”.

It’s a nice reminder that we have powers that men didn’t get in the DNA lottery and that feminine doesn’t have to mean weak.

Coffee Table Buys.

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Her Life In Pics.

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