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Double Breasted Skirts.

I’m all for taking a style chances but never on a Monday. The mini-skirt (like it or not) is on the return and this double-breasted skirt shape is a great option…


country-road-double-breasted-shirts- paula-joye

Beauty Trend: Dark Red Lipstick.

It’s not just fashion inspiration that you take from a runway show there is much beauty trend inspo to be found  from the models hair and make-up looks. What I like…



What I Wore.

Every so often a trend comes along that makes getting dressed easy. Or in fashion speak makes getting dressed effortless. Next to effortless in the fashion dictionary is a picture of Carolyn Bessette…



Beauty Roadtest: IV Vitamin Facial.

I first heard about the Vitamin Drip Facials from a make-up artist friend in New York. “Everyone’s doing them” she said. “Genius, for jet-lag. I get all my girls to do…



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