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The Emmy’s: Best & Worst.

Suddenly it’s award season. The Emmy’s were on last night for godsake. How did that happen? Amy Schumer’s thanking her tampon, Heidi Klum’s back in her happy sequin place and one of the Jimmy’s is hosting. There was lots…




Every woman has a Chanel N° 5 story. For me, it started with my mother. It was her signature scent. My childhood is filled with the smell of what I would…


Chanel- No 5 -L'EAU-the-joye

12 Biggest Botox Myths.

A board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Anoop Rastogi is globally recognised for his expertise in breast augmentation, liposclupture, botox and non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Training under acclaimed surgeons such as Georgio Fischer MD  (the…



What I Wore (Tutus).

I took a tutu to New Zealand. Of course I did. When you’re dealing with this kind of epic scenery you really have to throw everything at a photograph. Creating this fashion moment…



48 Hours In Queenstown.

A divine power had a hand in New Zealand. It is a spectacular, on-another-level country. Whenever the opporunity arises to visit this special land my answer will always be a grateful YES. So…



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